Refracted Lights

The collection of transport fabric capture the transient state associated with daily commutes. Contemporary architectural details 

Inspired by both architecture and the material world, an ongoing passion for colour, painting  and applied textiles techniques has directed this project. The contract fabrics and wall covering   successfully create a range of beautifully considered designs that evoke  a quality of opulence. Detailed studies of plants  bugs are framed within geometric shapes informed by classical and contemporary building facades across the UK. This response identifies the synergy between human-made and nature, two elements always present in people’s life.

The project started by exploring ideas taken from own photographs, and recreating the imagery using fabrics collage. The colour palette was inspired by the colours found on the buildings refracted lights and facade. 

After extracting patterns taken from photographs  it was possible to develop the idea using photoshop by exploring layout, size  and play with colour.

Using Format